Legacy Boat Kits

If you want to build a classic wooden row boat, we have what you are looking for. Legacy boat kits are designed and engineered so that you can build these beautiful boats with modest woodworking skills and common hand tools. Legacy boat kits are sold complete with everything that you will need to ensure a successful boat building project. Individual parts of the kit can purchased separately, just let us know what you need and we’ll get you a price.

Legacy Boat Kits Include:

  • Plans, building notes, a CD of construction pictures with detailed specifics.

  • Milled MDF station molds with clamping groove (for staple free construction)

  • 100% Full length bead and cove machined clear Western Red Cedar strips (cedar strip kits)

  • Precut Mahogany planking with rib lamination materials (lap strake kits)

  • Full length inner and outer gunnels

  • Stem lamination materials (cedar and ash)

  • Full length keel

  • Seat, transom and breasthook materials (rough cut)

  • Fiberglass materials, Slow Cure, Low Viscosity, Non-Blushing Epoxy, Epoxy Application Supplies, and Varnish

  • Hull ID Number with paperwork to register your boat if needed. (all boats with a motor typically need registered)

  • Shipping crate converts to construction strong back    Image

    Pulling Boat Kits
          (Western Red Cedar Strip)

  • Whitehall 17 :     $2980    Image       
    16'10" x 50"

  • Whitehall 17 Sail Kit :    $2840
    Includes: laminated Sitka Spruce mast, gaff, and boom, drop down center board w/trunk, rudder w/ tiller,
    all required hardware lines and sheets, main and jib sails

  • Sculling Boat Kits     ( Western Red Cedar Strip)

  • Whitehall 19:      $2360    Image  
    19'2" x 39"

    Lake Boat Kits     (Western Red Cedar strip - smooth sided )

  • Legacy 14 Lake Boat: $2730
    13'10" x 58" 

  • Legacy 16 Lake Boat: $2985
    15'11" x 62"

    Lake Boat Kit     (lap strake hull - 6 mm Okoume mahogany marine ply)

  • Legacy 14 Lake Boat : $2890    Image
    13'10" x 58"

  • Legacy 16 Lake Boat: $3075   Image
    15'11" x 62"

"Ready to Finish" Kits

Does the thought of building a boat from scratch seem a little overwhelming to you? Here's an easy answer. Our "Ready to Finish" Kit arrives with the hull virtually complete. Here is what we do to make it easier for you to get started and end up with a beautiful boat. We build and shape the hull for you. The hull will be faired, sanded, exterior epoxy with glass cloth applied, interior of the hull will have a coat of epoxy applied. You will need to glass the interior of the hull, flat sand and varnish or paint the interior and exterior of the hull, install the gunnels, finish transom, seats, and hardware All the parts and pieces and instructions to complete the boat are included in the large plywood shipping crate.

         Cedar Strip Kits:

  • Whitehall 17 RTF Kit:      Image         $5180 WRC             

  • Whitehall 19 RTF Kit:      Image         $4410 WRC             

  • Legacy 14 LB RTF Kit:                      $4930 WRC             

    Mahogany Lap Strake Kits

  • Legacy 14 Lake Boat RTF Kit:   Image       $5110

  • Legacy 16 Lake Boat RTF Kit:   Image       $5870



Milled MDF station molds with clamping groove (for staple free construction) (included with full kits above)

  • Whitehall 15:      $250

  • Whitehall 17:      $385

  • Whitehall 19:      $325

  • 24" Covered bow deck materials (pre-laminated): $160

    Piantedosi Row-Wing sliding seat with outriggers & all required mounting hardware

    □    Single Seat:        $595                     □    Double Seat:          $ 1190    

    □    9'6" Dreher carbon fiber sculling oars $530 per pair                                             

    Spruce Spoon Oars:   □   7’ pair  $ 274            □    8’ pair  $315                      

             Brass Keel Shoe         □  15  $120     □  17  $140      □  19   $160

             Sunbrella Cover          □  15  $590     □  17  $620      □  19   $690 

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Prices current January 2016
All prices subject to change. Shipping quotes upon request